Ruth Burton Artist

Welcome to my website…

I am a UK based artist with a passion for creating. I am returning to making art again after taking a break for a few years, so will be updating my gallery with new work. At the moment I am focusing on my Frog’s Bucket List series, so I hope you enjoy these. However, I will invariably have a few other projects on the side so I look forward to sharing these too.

Listed below are the different styles and mediums I like to work in. I have found that my desire to learn everything about art leads to many moments of “I want to try that”. Therefore, I end up working in a lot of different styles and mediums because I simply cannot help myself. The source of my inspiration and my current mood tends to determine the subject, style, and medium I create in.

Ruth Burton Artist Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Paintings

I work in acrylics for their vibrancy, versatility and longevity. Their comparatively quick drying time is useful for quick layering of colours, which is how I like to paint. I am not loyal to a particular brand at the moment. I have tried many that perform well, so I have a variety in my inventory. I sometimes use thickening gels if I want to create texture, and I switch between phases of brush work and using palette knives.

Ruth Burton Artist Drawings


I have always enjoyed painting and drawing from a young age, but I would say my first serious artistic obsession was drawing. I spent countless hours of my youth drawing portraits and when I return to this particular subject, I always feel like I’m “home”. However, I enjoy drawing other subjects to hone my technique and I am particularly interested with exploring contrast between light and dark. I tend to use a range of 2B to 5B Derwent Graphic pencils on any good quality cartridge paper.

Ruth Burton Artist Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art is just plain fun – but it can get very messy! It’s the genre I’ve arrived at most recently on my artistic travels. It’s liberating to ‘go with the flow’ and experiment with unexpected materials, tools and methods to see what happens. I would definitely recommend it for getting in touch with your inner child, something we should probably all do more. It’s addictive and completely absorbing, time seems to go very fast when in mixed media mode.

Ruth Burton Artist Textile Art

Textile Art

My favourite thing about making my textile art is the different textures. I have a weakness for novelty yarns. I like knitting them alongside other yarns to create unique colour and texture combinations. I’ll then add other elements such as buttons, fabric, sequins, beads and crocheted pieces to create something unique. Making textile art is like painting without the mess.

Ruth Burton Artist Watercolours


I have used watercolours at various stages throughout my creative journey. I find they are effective for getting me back into the creative mindset after a break and they are ideal for an exercise in mindful painting too. I am particularly interested in combining ink pen and watercolour – I appreciate the ‘urban sketching’ style, but also have a fondness for cute cartoons and illustrations. Also, it might just be me, but I find that satisfying ‘edge’ you get around a splotch of watercolour when it dries is very appealing – you know what I mean. I am loyal to Royal Talens watercolour pans (since being bought a nice set as a child), and I am quite enjoying the Uni Pin Fineliner range.