Ruth Burton Artist

Artist Statement

Colour makes me happy.

Colour is what captures my attention when I look at art.

Colour can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Colour is my most important instrument as it provides an opportunity to portray things differently to how they appear in everyday life. In that way, it is a vehicle for escapism – both during the artistic process and when viewing the final artwork.

My preference is for warm yellows and oranges; I am naturally drawn to art where these colours are dominant. However, all colours are important to me. I’m not here to discriminate – I embrace the colour wheel in its entirety!

I take inspiration from all kinds of sources. In fact, pretty much anything can be a source of inspiration. I enjoy being in nature and feel inspired in beautiful surroundings. I take numerous reference photos when I visit places. I like to capture seemingly mundane things as well, because there is some hidden beauty that I want to highlight.

I work in different mediums, alternating between painting, drawing, mixed media and textile art.

Sometimes the source of inspiration will naturally lend itself to a painting, or a drawing, or a more textured work. At other times, I will get a strong feeling of wanting to use a particular medium. The intention is to enjoy the process as much as the end result, so it is important for me to pay attention to what I am feeling inspired by in the moment.

I believe art should captivate and excite the viewer in some way. I like going to art galleries and exhibitions, and I find it interesting that different art styles and pieces evoke different reactions in each of us. For me, I particularly like modern impressionism; it inspires me to play with colour to create art that is joyful and harmonious.

Although there is variety in the scope of art I like to create, there is always the underlying motivation to create something visually satisfying.

Sometimes, I want my art to express the emotion I am feeling. Sometimes, my art is a reflection of what is going on in my life.

For the most part, I hope to communicate positivity through my art, because we are at a time in our evolution when we so desperately need it. And I feel uplifted when I see some art that resonates to me – so if I can do that for just one other person then I have repaid my debt.

The person who has influenced my artistic education the most is my Mum. An artist herself, she taught me the fundamentals of art from an early age and has given me pointers to improve my technique along the way. She opened my mind to a world of textile art, taught me new skills such as how to knit, and is always keen to share inspirational art that she has discovered with me.

I consider myself a creative individual with a fondness for learning. As well as pursuing my passion for art, I am also a violinist who has tasted a wide range of musical experiences and listens to a wide-range of music. I believe my eclectic taste in music is paralleled with my desire to create art in a variety of different mediums and styles.

And it is my passion for learning which drives my development as an artist.

Photo of UK artist Ruth Burton.