Just a quick hello and welcome to my art blog!

I’m really excited about this. I have so many ideas about what I would like to share in my new art blog. They are all fuelled by my passion for learning, improving, and trying out different things. I hope to make it as colourful and inspiring as possible along the way – a digital scrapbook of art, no rules.

At a glance, areas I would like to explore include:

  • Studying famous artists’ lives, analysing their artworks and techniques
  • Experimenting with new styles or art products and materials
  • Documenting subjects I find inspiring, quick sketches and photographs
  • Discussing my own work – an insight into my thoughts and creative process
  • Art journalling – for expressing present moment awareness, self-care and wellbeing through art

Sound good? This blog in itself is even helping me organise my thoughts about future blogs. Tick.

Starting Again

A bit of background – I have recently returned to making art after taking a bit of a break.

Often, we might wait until a new year to start “a new thing”. Or for the spring season when the flowers start to grow and the days become longer. But art simply cannot wait.

Today is a new day and a new beginning, which means a chance to start over.

And nature doesn’t really wait anyway. In fact, this autumn, I have planted some juvenile wallflowers in my garden, which proves that there are new beginnings happening every single day.

So here is my painting of a baby wallflower using watercolour pencils:

A watercolour pencil painting of a wallflower seedling by Ruth Burton artist, for her art blog.

I used Caran d’Ache Classicolor water-soluble colour pencils on Winsor & Newton cold-pressed watercolour paper for this artwork as both materials are enjoyable to work with. There is something very relaxing about activating coloured pencils with water.

I’ve gone for simple and understated – turning a new leaf (no pun intended…) doesn’t need to be complicated and ambitious. At the moment, it just needs to be a glimpse at future possibilities.

Holding that thought, here is another little artwork that fell onto the page not long after the baby wallflower:

A watercolour pencil painting of a cute character choosing the path 'Onwards and Upwards' by Ruth Burton artist, for her art blog.
There are even some wallflowers at the side of the path!

That’s all I’ve got for now, but you’re welcome back any time. By all means, please feel free to join me on the journey as I rediscover my passion and educate myself in all things ‘art’.

I hope you have a nice day, remember to be kind to yourself.